Take a Tour of Getform’s Very Own Email Editor

Take a Tour of Getform’s Very Own Email Editor
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Giorgia MangoniDecember 10, 2021 - 4 min read

It’s official: Getform has finally launched its built-in email editor 🥳

You can now craft captivating emails and equip them with effective engagement tools: countdown timers, shoppable product cards, CTA buttons, & more.

When designing the latest version of the editor, we aimed to make it:

  • Easy to use for anyone, non-techies and email marketing wizards alike.
  • Versatile, so that you can express your creativity.
  • Device-responsive, so that emails look flawless on any device.

Let’s take a tour of Getform’s email editor, so you can see how to craft beautiful, professional-looking emails within minutes.

How to use the email editor in Getform

In Getform, you can create your own emails for email marketing automations and email broadcasts.

To open the email editor, click the + icon on your automation or broadcast screen and select Send email from the actions menu:

Opening the email editor from the follow-up automation screen

You can create an email from scratch, use a pre-made template, or reuse one of the emails you have previously created:

3 options to create an email: ‘Start from scratch’, ‘Use premade emails’, ‘Reuse my emails’

Here’s what some of the templates look like:

Let’s now take a look at the formatting and stylizing features.

Format your text

The first thing you’ll notice is that the WYSIWYG editor immediately visualizes the result. Whatever changes you make to the email, you’ll see them in the preview right away.

The controls on the left side of the screen allow you to style the text of your email by using common formatting tools.

Text-styling controls in the email editor

Create headings, make the text bold, add bulleted lists, and highlight important content. These options help you make your CTA more eye-catching and guide your readers through the email.

Add visual elements to the email

Use the + Insert menu on the right side of the screen to add visual elements to your email and make it more engaging.

You can choose among the following elements:

  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Cupons
  • Dividers
  • Countdown timers
  • Product cards

The visual elements in the +Insert menu

While the first four options are self-explanatory, let’s have a closer look at the last two.

Countdown timers will help you instill a sense of urgency, which is handy if you’re sending limited-time promo. In Getform, you can create evergreen or fixed-date times:

Countdown timer and countdown timer settings

Use the settings menu on the right to set up and style the timer and align it with the design of your email.

Another element that will help your emails get more clicks is product cards. Product cards are clickable images that allow you to put your products or services on display:

Product cards and product cards settings

Apart from products, you can use product cards to feature service packages, blog posts, or recipes.

Personalize your email with variables

The Getform email editor includes a Dynamic Text Replacement feature ({var}). It allows you to insert the information you’ve captured from subscribers via your opt-in form into the text of the email.

For example, you can display the name they’ve entered in your form in the email body, subject, or preview:

The {var} menu in the email editor

Head over to our post about Dynamic Text Replacement to learn more about this feature.

Getform allows you to add a Preheader and Header to your email.

The Preheader and Header in the email editor preview

The Preheader ( 1 ) features a ‘View in browser’ link and an optional message for your subscribers.

In the Header ( 2 ), you can display your logo and a mini-menu that leads to the URLs of your choice. You can use the controls on the right to align the menu and logo and change the color theme of the header.

The header settings with highlight on the color theme section

In the Footer section, you can add your company information, the Unsubscribe link, or an additional message. Also, you can use the footer of your email to feature links to your social media pages:

Footer and footer settings in the email editor

Customize the design of the email

There’s a whole section dedicated to the appearance of your email. Here, you can change the font, color theme, and the style of the border.

The Appearance section of the email editor

Add email metadata

The first thing your subscribers will see when getting one of your emails is the Subject, Preview, and Sender. Make sure to take your time when filling out these fields.

Email Subject, Preview, and Sender in the email editor and Gmail inbox

Email Subject, Preview, and Sender in the email editor and Gmail inbox

Test your email

Lastly, you can send yourself (or anyone else) a test email to see what it will look like in your subscribers’ inbox.

The ‘Send test email’ and ‘Get preview link’ buttons in the email editor

Finally, use the preview link to show your work to colleagues and friends.

That concludes our overview of Getform’s email editor. For a more immersive tour, watch our dedicated video tutorial:

If you have any questions about the email editor or any other Getform feature, don’t be shy and write us a message, or share your thoughts on Slack.

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Giorgia MangoniDecember 10, 2021

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